Yogini Priyanka

Priyanka is a certified yoga teacher from Himalayan Iyengar Yoga (India) and has a 500 hr. teacher's certificate from Yoga Alliance USA. She is a Holistic Nutritional Practitioner from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Mississauga with First Class Honors. She is an Access Bars® Facilitator. She also has certification as a Metabolic Balance® coach (Germany). Priyanka hosted a TV show in Delhi for two years about therapeutic yoga. She has conducted yoga sessions for celebs, and various professionals like doctors, sportspersons, students and staff of Sainik Schools, etc. She was invited to China to set up a Yoga University as we have in India.
Priyanka weighed 190 pounds and had sinusitis, high blood pressure, anemia, and extreme fatigue. Yoga and the right food have changed her life and that's why she founded Yoga Bodha Inc. to help millions of people. She uses her 18 years of experience in yoga to help people lose weight. She is also a passionate nutritionist who by customized diet plan to help you balance your hormones. She conducts her yoga retreats in different parts of the world; she creates yoga videos to generate awareness about health through yoga and natural food. Her passion is to create holistic health through yoga and food.


Deepika Singh

Deepika loves adventures and explores life to the fullest. She has an inquisitive mind and loves delving into fundamental questions. She is quite observant and loves to listen to others in order to gain perspective on life.

As a young learner, her favorite response to teachers about what she learned from an experience was to understand how others feel. The second favorite response was that she would like to live a peaceful and truthful life.

Deepika got introduced to meditation as a child in school and enjoyed looking at the white dot drawn far away on top of the blackboard by her physical education teacher.

Growing up was full of fun and stories. Life in the small town of Baroda was relaxed and full of joy and abundance of all kinds. Deepika studied social work and was a gold medalist. She recently finished doctoral studies on inclusion in schools. She always imagined the world as a more just and humane place. Deepika worked as a full-time employee at non-profit organizations in India. She has traveled extensively in Indian villages, Europe, the US, and many Asian countries for her studies and work. While many would say that spiritual healing is a noble cause, Deepika felt a need to work on herself to enjoy her life and be at ease. She began to practice Vipassana regularly and observed changes in herself over the years. Subsequently, she learned the art of Reiki, an energy healing technique, and sutra-based meditation. She was guided to a new healing modality whenever she found herself struggling with any aspect of her life. Little did she know that she was being guided on a path of spiritual healing and awakening. With every juncture, she had a better understanding of herself and a better way to cope with circumstances and people. Her journey on a spiritual path accelerated when she gave birth to her little angel. Currently, Deepika is a certified Access Bars Practitioner, additionally, she practices Ho'oponopono and other healing modalities.